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Gerry's Corner - Are We Being Followed?

Gerry Cameron - Jun 06, 2018
You find yourself watching a movie where the protagonist is being tailed by another car, and you’re thinking “Come on, he has to know he’s being followed”.

You find yourself watching a movie where the protagonist is being tailed by another car, and you’re thinking “Come on, he has to know he’s being followed”. The truth is, most people are not fully aware of their surroundings, and to be honest, unless you’re a criminal, there is no reason to suspect you’re under surveillance.

However, in an article published in The Art of Manliness, there is a remote chance it can happen at least once in your life; the employee you fired is deciding to get revenge, the crazy ex who wants to make your life miserable, the wack job you met at a party is now obsessed with you. The list goes on. We can even add the private investigator that has been hired to watch your daily routines. 

So be alert. If you notice this odd guy who doesn’t fit your surroundings, it can be just an accident. If later, you notice the same guy sitting on a bench across from you at the park, it could be a coincidence. However, if later that night, the same guy is standing in the same aisle at the library; the situation calls for, according to EX-CIA officer Jason Hanson, enemy action.

If you are getting that uneasy feeling while walking on the street, one maneuver is to mix your pace. Speed up, slow down, and stop to tie your shoe, talk on the phone, or look at a store window. If you’re being followed, your stalker will match your pace to stay behind. You can even stop, do a 180, and start walking towards your suspect. If the person also flips around to follow you, there is no doubt you’re being followed.

Now let’s say you’re driving in the city. One maneuver is to make four right turns and then look to see if the same car is behind you. Most people don’t drive circles in a city, so if the car is still in your rear-view mirror, then think the worst. Of course, an exception is looking for parking in NYC. If you’re on a freeway, move into the far right lane and slow down way below the speed limit. Most cars will pass you. Or take the exit ramp and get right back on. Again, most people do not drive this way, so if you see the same car behind, you plan your next move.

If there is no doubt you are being followed, there are a few rules. First, avoid confrontation. Any action that can lead to a violent encounter is never the best solution. The second rule is not to go home. A natural response is to go to your house and lock your doors, but revealing your address puts you at a far greater disadvantage. Third, stay in well-lighted, well-populated areas; in your car, stay on main roads; on foot, stay on public streets crowded with people; think safety in numbers. And finally, if you are feeling threatened, call the police to let them know what is happening, give a description of your pursuant, and keep them on the phone as long as possible. And that protagonist... watch to see if he makes the four right turns.